Saida Mirziyoyeva participated in the International Gender Forum

22 - November, 2021

Today, Saida Mirziyoyeva, Deputy Chairman of the Mass Media Foundation Board of Trustees, member of the Commission for Gender Equality participated in the International Forum "Together we will defeat violence!", which opens the 16 days of active action against violence campaign, starting on November 25. It is designed to help protect women in Uzbekistan from all forms of violence.

The main issues of the gender agenda were discussed by Tanzila Narbayeva, the Chairman of the Senate, the Chairman of the Gender Equality Commission, senators and deputies, Yu Yu, head of the representative office of the United Nations Population Fund in Uzbekistan, Matilda Dimovska, resident representative of the United Nations Development Program in Uzbekistan, responsible employees of a number of international organizations and heads of relevant ministries and departments, responsible employees of relevant areas in the regions, heads of non-governmental non-profit organizations, members of the Youth Parliament.

In her speech, Saida Mirziyoyeva noted that violence is always repeated. 

- A boy who has seen domestic violence is likely to use violence in adulthood against his wife and children. Just like a girl, she is inclined to repeat the fate of a mother who suffered violence.

Education is one of the best cures for the virus of violence. However, it is not enough to teach women not to tolerate violence, it is necessary to educate boys not to use violence. It is necessary to create an atmosphere intolerant of any form of violence. This can be achieved only if the education system and the mass media act effectively and in an interconnected manner.

It is impossible to build a developed and prosperous society without ensuring women's rights. It is said that a woman's happiness is the key to a happy family. I would say that the observance of women's rights is the key to a happy society.

Within the 16 days of active action against violence campaign numerous of awareness building events will be held in various regions of Uzbekistan.

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