Public Foundation for Support
and Development of National Mass Media

The main goal of the Foundation is to help create equal conditions for the media in the media market, their further development, as well as the realization of the rights of journalists and bloggers.


How can we help journalists and bloggers?
New mechanisms
The Public Foundation sets itself the task of promoting the creation of self-government mechanisms for the national media community.
Great opportunities
Strengthening the material and technical base of the media, supporting the activities of journalists and bloggers, providing them with legal, organizational, technical and other assistance are among the priorities of the Public Foundation


News in the activities of our foundation
26 - June, 2020

Second phase of assistance to veteran journalists under the "Xavfsiz yordam" ("Safe help") project

During the spread of coronavirus, while strengthening related lockdown measures, the Public Foundation for Support and Development of National Mass Media within the framework of the "Xavfsiz yordam" ("Safe Help") project carried out the first phase of assistance to veterans of Golden Fund of Journalism and provided them with food kits.

23 - April, 2020

Mass-media foundation is to provide support for veterans of journalism.

Continuing the project "Safe Help", a list of 100 representatives of journalism and telecommunications has been compiled. The list is based on veterans who have worked in journalism for many years, as well as journalists who are recovering their health and need social support due to various family circumstances.

22 - April, 2020


The last two incidents related to the media have caused discontent among the public. In particular, the website (registered as a media outlet under the number 1323) contacted the Public Foundation for Support and Development of National Mass Media with the statement that their website was suspended for several hours due to the publication of critical material.

14 - April, 2020

“Safe Help” – a charity project

The lockdown days in Uzbekistan have become a serious test both for the economy and for the population. Particularly affected were the people who did not have financial savings and were on the verge of poverty, even with a well-functioning economy.

13 - April, 2020

Regular meeting was held online

The regular meeting of the Public Council under the Public Foundation for the Support and Development of National Mass Media was held online.

15 - March, 2020

The official Telegram channel “Koronavirus Info” launched.

For reliable and prompt informing of the population of Uzbekistan about the events associated with the spread of coronavirus, the official Koronavirus info channel (@koronavirusinfouz) was created.