The emblem of the Public Foundation is approved

01 - February, 2020

On January 31, 2020, a meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Public Foundation for Support and Development of National Mass Media was held, at which the emblem of the Public Foundation was approved.

On the approved emblem of the Public Foundation there is an image of an eagle in a round frame and bordered by the name of the Foundation (see photo). The choice of the image of the eagle as the emblem of the Public Foundation is not accidental. The eagle is a strong, proud, freedom-loving, tenacious bird, and these properties symbolize the sphere of mass media.

Its habitat is high peaks from which he can freely observe the entire district. The task of journalists and bloggers is to impartially cover the events and processes taking place in our society.

The eagle is a faithful bird; villainy and treachery are alien to him. This symbolizes the solidarity of the representatives of the media, their cohesion and loyalty to ideals.

In addition, the power of the eagle represents the power and motivation of the community of journalists and bloggers in their intention to further strengthen freedom of speech in our society.

The eagle is also particularly distinguished by its insight and stamina. He achieves his goals with all his might. It is the same with the representatives of the media: raising a problem or question in their materials, they must certainly bring them to the end by fulfilling their duty to society.

We would like remind that the newly created Public Foundation aims to promote the creation of equal conditions for the media in the media market, their further development, as well as the realization of the rights of journalists and bloggers.

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