The first meeting of the Public Council was held

13 - February, 2020

Initially, the chairman, deputy chairman and secretary of the Public Council were elected. Through open voting, the editor-in-chief of the “Ankhor” website, Lola Islamova, was elected as chairman of the Public Council, blogger Kobil Khidirov was elected her deputy, and blogger Laziz Khamidov became secretary of the council.

After that, the issue of developing proposals for improving the legislation governing the sphere was discussed. Members of the Public Council proposed that all the laws and regulations governing the sphere should be brought together into a single code, and a working group should be created in this regard, composed of experienced journalists, lawyers and experts.

In addition, an exchange of views took place on promoting the employment of journalists by creating a job portal in the media sphere, organizing training courses and exchanging experiences of journalists and bloggers.

Also, in order to study the problems in the field of national mass media in detail and work out their informed decisions, the need to conduct research on various issues, for example, the problems of gender equality in journalism, trends in the development of mass media in Uzbekistan, and blogging was emphasized.

For information, the Public Council under the Public Foundation for the Support and Development of National Mass Media was formed as follows:

  1. Sherzodkhon Kudratkhodjayev (University of Journalism and Mass Communications, International Press-club)
  2. Azamat Atadjanov (
  3. Umid Shermukhammedov (
  4. Mukhrim Agzamkhodjaev (
  5. Khurshid Daliev (
  6. Kamariddin Shaykhov (
  7. Abdugani Abdurakhmanov (
  8. Lola Islamova (
  9. Jaloliddin Safoyev (Sevimli TV)
  10. Qobil Akhmedov (My5 and Yoshlar TV)
  11. Khodjimurod Atakulov (Oriat FM, Oriat Dono FM)
  12. Qobil Khidirov (blogger)
  13. Nozim Safarov (blogger)
  14. Ali Qahhorov (blogger)
  15. Laziz Khamidov (blogger)
  16. Kirill Altman (blogger)
  17. Feruzkhan Yakubkhodjaev (blogger)
  18. Nikita Makarenko (blogger)
  19. Sasha Ivanyujenko (blogger)
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