Mass Media Foundation and Meta: a new level of cooperation

22 - November, 2021

Today, on November 22, Komil Allamjonov, Chairman of the Mass Media Foundation Board of Trustees held an online meeting with George Chen, Public Policy Director for Greater China, Mongolia, and Central Asia at Meta (Facebook).

Following the meeting, the parties agreed to sign a Memorandum of Cooperation between the Foundation and Meta, as well as to develop a joint action plan for 2022.

Also, during the dialogue, an agreement was reached on the verification of the pages of national media, state bodies and officials of Uzbekistan in the Meta social networks.

The parties noted their interest in holding joint trainings for representatives of the diplomatic corps, press secretaries of government agencies, journalists and bloggers on the creation and management of content on the Meta social networks and the fighting against disinformation.

It is assumed that special trainings will be organized for young people on digital literacy in cybersecurity and on how to make the most of the tools offered by social media platforms.

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