Milliy TV and Mass Media Foundation launch a new project dedicated to coronavirus

19 - July, 2020

Milliy TV, together with the Mass Media Foundation and in partnership with a number of websites, launched a TV program aimed at increasing the level of knowledge of the population of Uzbekistan about coronavirus infection.

Today, the situation with the COVID-19 pandemic in Uzbekistan remains difficult. One of the most pressing problems is the poor awareness of the population on the prevention and treatment of coronavirus. Many of those who have symptoms and suspect they have this disease cannot get a full consultation with a doctor or call an ambulance in difficult situations. It creates fear and panic, which only aggravates the situation. Therefore, it was decided to launch the “Tez yordam” project – a series of educational programs on TV and on the Internet in the online broadcast mode. The aim of “Tez yordam” is to calm, advise and help those in need.

There are no medicines for the coronavirus yet. But people always have a universal medicine – timely and truthful information, and it is important to get it on time. Forewarned is forearmed. To recover, one must adhere to the golden mean – not to panic, but also not to take the disease easy.

The world has very little empirical experience with trial and error to treat COVID-19 caused by the novel coronavirus. From the data obtained, short-term or long-term conclusions are drawn, and now doctors around the world are going this way, leaving from the methods what helps, and removing what is harmful.

Medical specialists are invited to the studio to answer the questions of the presenter and viewers about the coronavirus:

Rano Kasimova - Researcher, Institute of Virology, Ministry of Health, Candidate of Medical Sciences;

Dildora Sekler - virologist, a specialist in molecular genetic research, PhD;

Aziza Khodjaeva is a clinical immunologist-infectious disease specialist at the “Defactum” Laboratories medical clinic, Candidate of Medical Sciences.

The host of the program is Komil Allamjonov, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Public Foundation for Support and Development of National Mass Media.

The program will be broadcasted daily at 18:00 live on the Milliy TV channel, on the YouTube channel and on the pages of the Mass Media Foundation in social networks. Anyone may ask a question by calling (71) 207 22 27.

Project partners:, Askdoctor,,,,, Darakchi,,, Teznews.

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