President Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited the republican final of the intellectual game Zakovat

12 - October, 2021

Today, the final of the intellectual game Zakovat took place in the tourist complex Bukhara Desert Oasis in the Romitan district of Bukhara region. Shavkat Mirziyoyev, the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan visited the game.

The Republican championship of the intellectual game Zakovat was initiated and organized by the Mass Media Foundation within the framework of youth policy and NGO Zakovat, the founder of which is the Foundation. 

More than 20 thousand applicants from all over the country have registered to participate in the championship. The regional stage of the final was held in each region. The teams that won the competitions in their regions received 100 million soums for prize, the second place received 20 million soums, and the third place 10 million soums.

13 champions from all regions and 3 best third-place teams took part in the republican stage of the Zakovat intellectual brain ring. 16 teams were divided into pairs by lot, according to the playoff system. The losing teams left the tournament, and the top two advanced to the final. Khorezm team won.

The President addressed the youth with a speech. 

— We have chosen the path of ensuring a better life for our people, building a society in which human honor and dignity are the highest value. Who can we rely on to achieve the huge goals that we have set for ourselves? Of course, on such educated and patriotic youth as you, the head of state said.

A person who has achieved his dream through hard work is the happiest person. Therefore, always strive to conquer heights, fight for your good goal. Constantly gain knowledge, believe in yourself, discover and create new things, confidently go forward, Shavkat Mirziyoyev urged.

By presidential decree, the founder of the Zakovat club, Abdurasul Abdullayev, and the winners of the final were conferred state awards.

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